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App Store Optimization: How to Choose Keywords for the App Store

From choosing the right app name to determining effective keywords, app store optimization or “ASO” as it is sometimes called, helps to get your app found and downloaded. When you consider that 65% of app downloads come directly from searches in the App Store, ASO shouldn’t be relegated in importance with last minute decision making in the app development process. Keywords are what a potential...


Granbury TX builds a profitable app

Building a Community: How Granbury, TX Built a Profitable App

Creating a mobile application that drives downloads and engages users takes some finesse. There are many different strategies to consider when it comes to meeting the needs of users with valuable content, and marketing an app successfully. We’ve found that a partnership approach is an effective way to achieve both.The newly launched I Love Granbury Texas app is a perfect example of how this...


Contests on a app can increase ROI

In-App Contests Can Increase App Engagement & ROI

There are many ways to increase user engagement and encourage repeat app usage such as adding polls and regularly replenishing your app with fresh content. In that same vein, hosting in-app “contests” is another great way to drive user retention and engagement.We find that contests can offer a number of benefits including – Encouraging app downloads & user retention Driving traffic to...


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Why Your Organization Needs a Mobile App

If you are still wondering whether your organization needs to get a mobile app, the answer is yes! Mobile is just too important to ignore and a website alone is just not going to cut it anymore. Consider these numbers: Over 80% of mobile phone users in the U.S. now have a smartphone. (comScore)  About ¾ of Americans check their mobile phones at least once per hour. (Gallup)...