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App Store Name Optimization

App Store Optimization: How to Name Your App

From choosing the right app name to determining effective keywords, app store optimization helps to get your app found and downloaded. App store optimization or “ASO” as it is sometimes called, is one of the first steps to marketing your app. It encompasses different elements that are submitted to the Apple App Store and Google Play app store such as the name of your app, keywords and app...


Working together

Non-Dues Revenue Opportunity for Chambers of Commerce

Bar-Z Mobile Development has long been in the business of creating innovative mobile solutions for civic organizations of all stripes. Our apps focus on connecting, communicating, engaging, inspiring and generally enabling organizations to reach their goals using mobile technology. In addition to the recent launch of our new zCivic division, we are excited to expand our product and service...


Business meeting for mobile planning

Mobile App Strategy: Resource Planning

Mobile App Strategy: Resource Planning Defining a clear strategy is critical to ensuring a successful mobile project. Once you’ve defined your target users and determined the goals of your app, it’s time to turn to resource planning. Regardless of whether you build an app internally or hire an app development company, your organization will need to provide different types of resources to get the...


Determine App Goals

Mobile App Strategy: Determine App Goals

Mobile App Strategy: Determine App Goals In today’s world, having a mobile app to reach your audience and support your organization’s mission is almost a business imperative. Developing the app software itself though, is just one piece of the overall project. What are you really looking to achieve with your mobile app? Defining your app goals and objectives will help steer the decisions you make...