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The Fayetteville Chamber Connects the Community with its New Mobile Project

Friday, February 2, 2018

Connecting the Fayetteville, Arkansas community through mobile is one of the goals of the newly launched Fayetteville AR Connect app. A collaborative community mobile project, the app is now available for download on iOS and Android devices. The Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce partnered with zCivic, our Bar-Z Mobile Development division focused on creating mobile solutions for civic organizations, to develop the app.


“Connecting” has been a central theme throughout the project. The Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce is looking to connect app users with the local business community to support economic development. The app features a wealth of local business information encompassing professional services, shopping, dining, lodging, attractions, real estate, auto care, health services and more. The app content is broad-ranging in order to appeal to both residents and visitors.


“Our tagline is ‘One Fayetteville, One App’ and ‘Fayetteville in the palm of your hand’” said Chung Tan, Chief Economic Development Officer with the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce.


Fayetteville AR Connect is providing local businesses with advertising and promotional opportunities to connect with consumers that in turn strengthen the local economy.


The app will help generate revenues for our existing businesses especially in the hospitality and retail sectors. Additionally, it will attract businesses and skilled talent to our city.

Steve Clark, Fayetteville Chamber President & CEO

Local businesses are already supporting the app. “Our bank sees this new app as an opportunity to connect with a myriad of users, both those new to our city and those who want to learn more about resources in Fayetteville.  We are thrilled to be a part of its initial launch,” said David Russell, President of First Security Bank in Fayetteville.


Social media integration allows app users to connect with local businesses over the long term. Users can “Like” or “Follow” businesses on Facebook and Twitter or share information from the app on their own social media accounts.


A community events calendar, news feed and information about local schools connect users with the broader community, not just businesses. Non-profits, charities, houses of worship and foundations are included to allow users to connect with something larger than themselves and offer ways for community members to get involved to help improve their communities.


A companion responsive website is also in development to connect an even broader audience to the Fayetteville AR Connect app content. zCivic is working with additional organizations and businesses throughout the community that want to be a part of the app to reach a broader audience.


“We are excited to partner with organizations throughout the Fayetteville community to offer this mobile resource for locals and visitors alike. Fayetteville offers a ton of things for people to enjoy from its unique historical and commercial districts, to its thriving arts scene. It’s a wonderful community and I think its unique appeal will really be on display in this app,” said Lee Little, CEO and Founder, Bar-Z Mobile Development.   

See how the Fayetteville Chamber is connecting its community through mobile.

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