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Historical Columbus, Texas Goes Mobile to Preserve the Past

Columbus, Texas, a town of 3,600 people goes mobile with an iPhone and Android app developed by BarZ Mobile Development.   Columbus, Texas is a gem of a small town. The downtown area has beautiful late 1800 buildings that the Columbus Historical Preservation Trust is dedicated to preserve.  In the 1800’s this was a wealth ranching community.   The Preservation Trust and the...


Community/Chamber Success Story: Winthrop, Massachusetts Goes Mobile

Winthrop, Massachusetts is a small coastal town with about 18,000 residents. It is located 20 minutes away from downtown Boston. It enjoys wonderful beaches and some of the oldest buildings in the country.   The Winthrop Chamber of Commerce is run by the Executive Director, Betsy Shane who works with the 230 or so members. Winthrop doesn’t have any industry; its business community is made...


Community/Chamber Success Story - Graham, Texas Goes Mobile

Community/Chamber Success Story - Graham, Texas Goes Mobile

Graham, TX located in North Central, TX with a population of just under 9,000 has gone mobile. The Graham Community App is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.  Krisa De La Cruz, the CEO of the Graham Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), spearheaded the effort. The objective behind the app was to bring in the other key community players: the City of...


Local Chamber Partners with Local Newspaper and Creates an All-Inclusive Mobile Solution.

Community/Chamber Success Story (Bowling Green, KY)

If you create a chamber directory or map, you might want to read this local market success story using mobile technology.  The Bowling Green Kentucky Chamber of Commerce partnered with the local newspaper, The BG Daily News and helped develop and promote a community wide mobile app and website called 270BG.  The objective of the app was to have a mobile resource that covered the main...


App Push Notification on Phone

Using Your App to Communicate Important Information

 In times of uncertainty, proactively providing timely news is crucial to helping your community stay informed and equipped with the information they need to stay safe. With the COVID-19 virus situation growing in seriousness, your community or organization may have important updates to share as the situation progresses. Luckily, your mobile app can provide an easy and effective way to...


Passport 2 Midland is an app supporting the Midland Chamber's efforts

How Chambers of Commerce Can Leverage Mobile to Generate Non-Dues Revenue

 Once upon a time, chambers of commerce could depend solely on membership dues to sustain their programs and provide benefits for local businesses, but those days are behind us now. With competition at an all-time high, the business community is expecting more from chambers, from enhanced networking opportunities and legislative action to more exposure and SMB benefits - and all of those...


Big 2 KMID-TV is the Official Media Partner of Passport 2 Midland

Passport 2 Midland Gets New Media Partner: Big 2 KMID-TV

 Big 2 KMID-TV is now the Official Media Partner for Passport 2 Midland. The ABC affiliate is providing access to news and weather content as well as valuable marketing support for the app, helping the app acquire and retain users. Television advertisements for the app, produced by the station, will be playing daily to increase brand awareness in the Midland community and drive app downloads...


Mobile Connects a Community

Municipalities are Thinking Bigger to Evolve Their Mobile Strategies

 Cities have been looking to apps over the last 10 years as a way to increase communication and connection to citizens in the preferred mobile format. While there are certainly many benefits to creating a municipality-focused app (and we still do develop them) cities are now starting to think outside the box towards developing mobile solutions that maximize user appeal and development...


Travelers using mobile app

Mobile-Centric Digital Experiences Drive Travel & Tourism

 Travel matters - to our economy, businesses and personal wellbeing. Not only can travel strengthen our communities, travel can strengthen families, foster hometown pride, and build bridges that connect us with one another. The way we travel has always been influenced by technology. From the golden age of rail travel to the development of the U.S. highway system and growth in auto ownership...


Mobile Apps Support Chamber Legislative Initiatives

Mobile Apps Support Chamber Legislative & Advocacy Initiatives

 Since the first chamber of commerce in the United States was founded in 1768 in New York, chambers have worked tirelessly to protect and promote the interests of businesses. These networks of business owners provide many benefits to their members and the communities they serve. While chambers of commerce are driving forces in economic development and fostering enhanced educational...